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Efficient and Affordable Rodent Control Services in the Hayward Area 

Rid your home of pests and unwanted rodents, the efficient and affordable way

Sometimes, the regular mousetrap or sticky paper just won’t do the trick when it comes to ridding your house from rats and rodents. While one to two of these pests might be manageable on your own and without professional help, a rodent sighting might just be a symptom of a bigger, worrisome rodent infestation. Get rid of rodents in your Hayward house the quick and affordable way—by calling Attic Insulation Masters.

Attic Insulation Masters is a service company in Hayward that specializes in house restoration services, specifically attic insulation, rodent control, ceiling insulation, and crawl space encapsulation.

 Fast response guaranteed

 We’re quick to respond to demands from Hayward customers. Although we usually receive calls for on the spot  requests, we’re also open to appointments on weekends. Our rodent control services are easier carried out during the day, however, so we usually recommend day services to our customers whose homes have become infested.

Professional technicians

 We carry out services efficiently because our technicians are well-trained and knowledgeable about house restoration and repair. They also know how to work with different types of homes, even the more ‘high tech’ ones that use centralized technology.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed

 We can guarantee 100% satisfaction to our customers because we make sure to pay attention to their requests; our technicians also familiarize themselves thoroughly with the customers’ homes before starting the operation. We also update and run our customers through with the current state of their homes and the extent of damage; that way they’ll be able to understand why certain restorative measures are carried out, etc.

 Call Us Now!

 For high-quality restoration and reparation services in your home in Hayward, call us now! Our services are available around the clock

For more information about our other services, namely ceiling insulation, attic insulation, and crawl space encapsulation services, check out our website! We also encourage our new customers to give us feedback on our services in the form of comments, questions, suggestions, and concerns which they can forward to our site.

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